Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 15: DIY Curtain Rods

Woo hoo!! Pretty much half way through my 31 day series, 31 Days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. I've been focusing on the kitchen, and still have more kitchen projects to share (feel free to catch up here). But because the projects have taken on a slightly different order than what I had originally planned, we are going to jump over to a couple of family room projects for the next day or two. Mm...kay?

Today's post is:

Before we started this little makeover, you may remember that our windows in our family room were topped with cornice boards, much like the ones that we reupholstered and hung in the kitchen. If you don't, here's a reminder:

And while I didn't mind the cornices, I decided I wanted to go a little different route in the family room versus the kitchen. 

We also decided to remove the blinds. Some of you might not agree but we are up on a hill so privacy really isn't an issue. Plus it is a North facing window so we don't get crazy sun and we really like the view.

So we decided to remove the blinds and create dummy curtain panels to accentuate the height of the windows but not cover any of the light. And instead of buying the traditional curtain rods, we decided to create our own curtain hangers.

Enter 2 white wood planks and some black, somewhat decorative, screws.

Once installing the screws partially through the boards, hubs got to measuring.

By screwing the screws in a bit more, they held the boards up with plenty of support. It also made sure that at least one screw per side of the boards hit a stud. Just wait until you see what I used and how we installed the curtains! 

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