Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 16: Inexpensive DIY Curtains

We're at 16 out of 31 days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. (Can I get a woot woot!?) Today marks the over halfway mark. If you'd like to catch up and see all the projects we've been working on so far, go here

Today's project is:

Yesterday I shared how Hubs and I created our own curtain hangers using wood planks and decorative screws. 

Today I'm sharing some curtain panels---made from.....drop cloths!

You might be thinking I've gone a little crazy right now, but stay with me. First of all the color and texture is very similar to the background color of the fabric I used for the cornice boards. The length was also right, considering that I needed at least 9 foot panels due to the high ceilings. And lastly (but certainly not least) the price was only $10 a panel. Um yah.

All I needed to do was wash (and iron) each panel and clip on curtain clips that I bought from Ikea.

And we had very simple, very inexpensive drapes. 

I may decide to add a little detail to them whether it be a band of fabric or a little paint, but for now, I'm happy! What do you think?

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