Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 17: Adding a Pop of Color to Bookshelves

Still moving along on my series, 31 days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. I'd been showing a lot of projects for our kitchen (catch up here) and then moved over to our family room (to share our no-sew curtains and DIY curtain hangers) where we're going to stay for a few more days until I jump back. I like to do that sometimes. Keeps things interesting. :)

Anyway, we're up to day 17 where we are:

our fireplace is flanked on both sides by built in bookshelves that looked like this. (You may notice we added the same hardware to the drawers and cabinets that we did to the kitchen.)

Not bad but not real great either. I decided I wanted to add a little pop of color so I decided on fabric. 

Because there is an outlet inside both bookcases, I decided the best way to add the fabric would be to cover foam board that I found in a variety of sizes at Hobby Lobby. I bought enough so each shelf would have its own panel so that I could access the outlet if/when necessary. It also makes it easy to change or remove if I ever change my mind. (That has been known to happen occasionally.) 

First step: measuring the space behind each shelf.

Next I then transferred those measurements to the foam board

and used a level to draw the line across. 

I also made sure to label each board because they all seemed to be off by a smidge.

Then I took an exacto knife to score the line

which allowed me to essentially break it off at the seam.

Once I had all my foam boards cut, I ironed my fabric. (You may notice this is the same I used for our Command Center and my chipboard "EAT" letters.)

I then used spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the boards.

 For whatever reason I don't have a picture of the next step but I folded the edges over and hot glued them to the back.

I also rewrote my labels so that I would know exactly where each one belonged.

Ready to see the before and after?

Instant pop! I am loving it! Such an easy way to add a little color and texture to another part of the room. 

Tomorrow I'll show you how I accessorized them and how the fabric helps to accentuate everything. 

What do you think? I'd love to hear!

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