Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 19: For the Love of Baskets

Day 19 of 31 Days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. Most of the posts in this series have been decor related. Todays is a little decor with some organization mixed in. Doesn't get much better than that. :)

I'm talking about:

The last two days I posted about adding fabric to the back of our bookcases and accessorizing the shelves. I discussed everything but the bottom shelf on both bookcases. Let' s do it now, shall we?

 I found these great baskets at Homegoods a while back. LOVE that store by the way. Such a great place to get baskets (and so much more) for great prices. 

I wanted a place to put certain activities that my kids enjoyed and that we liked doing together in the family room and kitchen. Baskets became the perfect solution--they're stylish and functional. I added some chalkboard vinyl to some cardboard and attached them with some twine for an interchangeable label.

 What's in the baskets you ask?

1. Puzzles--A while back I posted how I like to store the kids' puzzles in ziplock bags so they can grab and go and hopefully keep all the pieces together.

2. Books--We keep many of our books in the kids' rooms and the playroom book nook. However, it is nice to be able to pull out a book in here as well. (Yes that is a phone book in there. My kids like to pretend to read it. I figure, why not?)
3. (On the other side) Playdough--This is an activity I prefer to be a part of (at least as far as set up and clean up go). Inside there is a container of playdough gadgets as well as a vinyl tablecloth to play on. Once they're done we simply pick up the tablecloth and give it a good shake outside. Much easier cleanup. 

 4. Aqua Doodle--Another one my kids like to play and create "masterpieces" with. 

Moving beyond our bookshelves, there are several other ways I use baskets in the family room (and throughout the rest of the house). I posted once about using clutter baskets. One of those sits in the family room on the floor. This is for wandering toys from the kids that need to go back to the basement when we get the chance. Read more about them here.

Another way we use baskets is to hold magazines as this is a great place to sit down and read them when there is a spare minute. (Wait a minute...what's that?) :)

Last but not least is a large basket that a got a long time ago from Hobby Lobby. It is great to hold throw pillows and blankets for easy access when needed.

There you have it. I love it when form meets function. Baskets are such a great way to add texture and warm up the space. They can also be a great way to add a pop of color. And when they serve a purpose--even better. 

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