Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 20: DIY Accent Pillows

Almost two thirds of the way done with my 31 Days to Transform the Heart of Your Home series. Lots of projects going on around here. It is all coming together and I can't wait to get it all put back together and share the final reveal and the official before and after pics.

But to do that, I gotta keep on going. So today I wanted to share:

The couch we already had came with pillows to match. And although they were in good shape and looked okay, they were a little too matchy matchy for me. I had some leftover fabric from the cornices I recovered, which got me thinking (not always a good thing). Why not recover the pillows with the fabric?

I was fortunate to have my parents in town from Indiana last week. They helped out quite a bit. My mom's sewing skills are much better than mine so she offered to take this one for me. 

First things to do was to lay the fabric out (inside out) to see how much we needed for each side. Once that was cut, she pinned along each side but one.

With my  sewing machine she sewed along the pins.

Once three sides were stitched she turned the pillow case right side in and put the original pillow inside

and then decided to stitch up the remainder by hand.

Ta-da! I am loving it. The fabric is heavy so it was perfect for the large pillows. The colors totally work and help to bring a more cohesive feel between the kitchen and family room.

But wait.....I didn't stop there. I wanted a little more color (other than brown) so I bought a few pillow forms and cases from Ikea.

Just the pop I needed!

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