Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 21: A Little Ambient Lighting

Officially 10 days left of my 31 Days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. Getting tired of me saying that yet? I hope not because we are getting really close to finalizing both our kitchen and family room. One little project at a time, this space is evolving into one that I love and am proud to call home. And all of it on a budget.

The other day I shared a post about putting fabric on the back of our bookcases. Today I'm visiting the same bookcases again, this time to add:

I stopped by one of my faves, IKEA and found these light strip sets, which got my wheels turning.....uh oh.

Each set consists of four light strips that can be snapped together or kept individual. They all have separate cords that plug into a central transformer.

We decided these would work by attaching them (with the adhesive strips provided) to the back of each shelf--allowing the light to shine both above and below each one.

Because I had made the fabric panels (see here), the thought was to run the cords behind the panels so that none of it would show.

The only problem was that the cord that plugs into the outlet kept the fabric panel from being able to slide into place. Grr. Hubby to the rescue.

We decided to cut out the outlet in the fabric and foam board to allow the cord to be seen, but nothing else. 

The trick here was being very careful with the measuring.

Once he measured and drew the outlet cover, he simply cut it out with a utility knife.

Here's the masterpiece of cords before the panel went back up. Yikes right? Just goes to show, we don't always know what's going on behind closed doors. :)

But look how pretty it all came together. And this is with the overhead light on.

Here's without.

Just the bit of ambiance I was looking for. 

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