Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25: Adding Glass Panels to Cabinets

Day 25 of my 31 Days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. On the homestretch now. Today's post is back in the kitchen and is one of my favorites of the entire space. 

Today's post:

Hubby and I decided that we wanted to have glass put into two corner cabinets in our kitchen. So I did a little research and found a little shop here in town that would do just that. However, they would not do any of the wood work themselves and I had to make sure there was going to be a lip of sorts for the glass to sit.

In came my Dad for this project. He was able to find where the lip was under the wood with a knife, marked a line with a pencil, and chiseled along the line until the wood panel insert was removed.

This is where we took it into the glass shop. Now I have to tell you, we could have had both cabinets done for $50 total--if we wanted regular glass. However, Hubs convinced me to splurge a little and get a more decorative style called water glass. This raised the price to almost $200 total.

Here is what the inside looked like after they glued in the glass.

And the front. I'm really happy with our choice. Adds a bit of class I think.

The inside of the cabinets got a tiny makeover too--courtesy of some washi tape. :)

(My camera had a hard time taking totally accurate pictures. But you get the idea.)

Here's the other cabinet with some pops of color.

I'm loving what this addition has done for our kitchen.

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  1. I really love this! I wanted a couple glass cabinets in my kitchen but we didn't have the money in our budget at the time. Hoping I can talk hubby into it in the near future:)

    1. Thanks Laurie! I really love how it turned out and it wasn't as big a hassle as I'd imagined. Thanks for commenting!



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