Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 27: Painting Kitchen Chairs

Hi all! So if you didn't catch my post earlier this week, I am actually in the Dominican Republic on a little relaxing vacation with a girlfriend of mine. This is only my second trip away from my babies and my first away from both them and my Hubby. It was needed. Crazy timing but it was necessary. We all need a little me, time now and again, don't we? Anyway, I finally figured out the internet around here so if things have been a little off timing with my posts lately, that is why. I am currently hanging out in this beautiful lobby with island breezes as I type. Life is good.

Anyway, I made sure to have my projects and pictures of the progress of my home finished before I left. I didn't want to get you all hooked and leave you hanging like that. Just wanted to fill you in on what's been going on behind the scenes around here. I will be back in Colorado on Tuesday evening. But for now I am enjoying some much needed relaxation. Ahhhh.

Now back to today's post. Today is day 27 of my 31 Days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. Today is an easy and expensive way to add some personality and color to the kitchen (or any room with chairs). Because today we are:

I had actually started this project a while back but couldn't decide on what colors I wanted to paint them. They were originally white. But I wanted to age them a bit so I painted them black (after sanding). I then used my Silhouette to make numbers to stick to the seats so that once the next color went on, I could peel the vinyl and be left with a black number.

After thinking and thinking, I decided I wanted to paint each chair a different color. So I chose four colors that are in the fabrics within the space.

I have to say, that I totally recommend Rustoleum spray paint. I have tried many different brands but I always get the best result with them. Just sayin'.

Here's one chair (chair #3) with some red paint. Once the paint dried, I simply peeled off my number, sanded a little where I wanted some black to show and then sprayed on some polyurethane to protect them a bit more.

Here's the red and lime green

and plum and aqua blue.

I'm loving the little bit of fun it adds. Wanna know the biggest fans of this project? My kiddos! They like to choose which color and number chair they want to sit in. I so enjoy little things like that.

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  1. Oooh! I love the chairs Susan!!! Mixing colors is so much fun! Have a blast on your getaway!!!

    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Jamie!



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