Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 5 Cornice Boards

Today's post is all about: 

You may have seen in this previous post, that there were cornice boards hanging over the windows in both the kitchen and family room. And although I already changed the fabric once, 

Especially with the new color scheme we have going on.

Remember the fabrics I showed you the other day that were part of my color inspiration? I chose this particular one for the cornices. I did so because of the weight of the fabric and because it pulled all of my colors together.

First thing I had to do was remove the fabric I had used to cover the original cornices (back when the rooms were red).

It was very fortunate that the measurements of the cornices were that of half the width of the upholstery fabric. (Made for less fabric to buy.) To make sure I cut the fabric straight down the middle I measured every foot or so

and marked a little line on the backside.

This made it very easy to follow the lines with my scissors and cut a (fairly) straight line all the way down.

I also made sure I had the right staples for upholstering with fabric. 
The back of the box will tell you what's best for your project.

Covering the cornice isn't very hard. It is a lot like wrapping a large present. Just make sure you pull the fabric very tight. I did this on my own but it can sometimes be easier to recruit someone to help.

A few of the staples didn't go all the way through. Nothing a little hammer can't help.

The corners are the trickiest. I found cutting a bit in the corner helps to move the fabric the way you need to- to get a straight edge.

I wasn't that concerned about the inside--seeing that no one will see it.

Giving it a quick ironing before it's time to hang them up.

Hanging the boards is very simple as well. A simple L bracket keeps it up and a drapery rod bracket is for curtains to hang over the sliding door as well (if I decide to go that way).

Here's a quick look at the inside once it was hung back up. (Again no one but me--who is standing under it with my camera, will ever see it.)

And here it is from the outside--above my kitchen window. 

And above the sliding door.

There you have the newly upholstered cornices. They were built when I moved in so unfortunately there is no tutorial for that part. Pinterest has lots of tutorials for you to choose from. I wasn't too sure about the fabric at first but now that other things are being brought back in (you'll see soon) , I am really starting to like it in the space.

Tomorrow I will show what I've used and how I decorated above the kitchen cabinets! Can't wait!

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  1. Looks great Susan! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the space!



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