Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 6: Above the Cabinets

Day 6 of my series: 31 Days of Transforming the Heart of Your Home. We are moving right along. The other day I showed you the paint color we painted over the large red walls in our family room and kitchen as well as the cornice boards, which got reupholstered with some fun new fabric.

Today's post is all about:

There are several ways to decorate above the kitchen cabinets (if you have the space). However, I do feel like it is valuable space that can help bring a cohesiveness to the whole space.

The items above my cabinets are a collection from over time. And most everything has  something to do with the kitchen or dining.


The window signs came from World Market

While the plates came from both Pier 1 and Kohls.

I even find it is a perfect place to add in a few seasonal items just for fun.

The biggest bonus for me is it is another place to bring in some pops of color.

Like I said before, there are so many different ways to approach this space.

 Here are some other thoughts I came up with when searching around the web a bit:

1. Collections: Baskets, Pottery, Plates, even Globes. This is a great place to show those large collections off.

2. Monochromatic: Putting a variety of items in all one color can be a cool look as well and helps them to all make sense together.

3. Size: Things need to be large enough to make an impact up there since they are so far up. 

4. Lighting: Lighting can really help bring attention to the space. It helps to draw the eye up--if that's what you want.

5. Seasonal: Use this space as another opportunity to decorate for the season.

6. Fun and Whimsy: Using large letters to create fun / meaningful words can be great. It also helps people to get who you are and have a sense of humor. You can also customize them to add a pop of color as well.

There you have it, our cabinets are almost finished. 

Tomorrow I'll show you the new hardware!

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