Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 7: Changing Out Hardware

One week into my 31 day series, 31 Days to Transform the Heart of Your Home. {If you'd like to recap and see what's in store, go here.} The rooms are really starting to come along and I can't wait to show it all put together at the end.

Today I wanted to talk about:

Because it is amazing at the big impact these little changes can create.

Here was the original hardware, which was on both the cabinets and drawers. Not bad but I wanted to update it a bit and add a little more character.

And I totally scored because I found these handles on clearance at Lowes for.....$0.82 each! 

I had to order them online but I didn't hesitate and snatched up enough for all of our cabinets.

But I wasn't quite done with them. 

I decided to wrap each one with a little bit of twine and hot glue.

 There's the character I was after. :)

In order to hang them, Hubs created a sort of template 
made from a scrap piece of wood.

He used the original hole from the other hardware for the top and let the wood  dangle until it found its own level.

Then he drilled the second hole

and used a baking tray to catch the mess. :)

What do you think?

 And incase you are wondering about the drawers, I found other pulls for them. They were also from Lowes but not on sale. However, I didn't need to buy nearly as many so I decided it was worth it.

Here hubs is using a template again. Since the original hardware only required a single hole in the center of the drawer, he used that to keep the template in place. Then using a small level, he drilled the other two holes.

We may decide to fill the center hole with wood filler. But you can't see or feel the hole under the new pull. So for now, we're leaving it.

There's the new hardware. I know I'm not showing much other than closeup shots but that's because I want to save the final reveal for when it is all complete. I will tell you I'm liking the progress and I hope you will too!

Tomorrow's post: Open Shelving in the Kitchen.

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