Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Organized Dish Towels

Seeing that the holidays are fast approaching, I thought I should go through and tweak a few of my kitchen drawers and cabinets in preparation for any holiday cooking about to take place. Today's post is the first drawer I decided to tackle. It is located to the left of my sink and...you guessed it.....it holds dish towels!

Let's go back a sec and see where I started. I had somehow collected WAY too many dishtowels---ma y of which I never used. So I went through them. I decided to put any seasonal towels (that I still liked) in our seasonal bins with other like decorations. Many of the others were not really ideal for cleaning up spills and drying counters etc. So I donated most of them.

I found these colorful towels at Walmart and decided to grab a couple of packs.

And then I rolled them (in rainbow fashion) and put them back into the drawer. I decided on enough colors to designate one per day of the week. That way I know how long it has been used and can change them out daily.

And to make sure we remember what day equals what color, I whipped out my trusty label maker and labeled away.

Can I just tell you that little projects like these make my heart smile. 
Labels + Color = Happy Girl :)

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  1. I love this idea and always struggle with how best to keep my towels in the drawer. Going to work on my drawer tonight!!!

    1. Love to hear that! And I love little projects like these that don't take much time but just make things easier and prettier. :) Good luck!



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