Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Lego Storage

As Christmas approaches and I am busy being Santa's helper, I like to think about storage of all the "new" that will be coming to live in our home (mainly kids' toys). We have already gone through toys and other items we don't use/play with anymore and donated what we could (go here for printable signs to help kids sort their belongings and let go of what they no longer use/need.) Because truthfully keeping things organized is virtually impossible if you never get rid of anything. This is definitely true with kids' toys. You will find that when their toys are pared down, they actually begin playing with them again and there is more of a purpose and organization to their play (to read more on my thoughts about this, go to this post where I helped a client organize her unfinished basement into a fun playroom).

Today's organization project:

My kids' legos.

As you can see we don't have a ton. My girls haven't gotten into them a whole lot. However, I think a lot of that is because of the way they have been stored. And my oldest has received a few sets from birthdays and I figured we should give little organization a try.

A while back, I bought this Lack coffee table (Ikea) for the basement/playroom. The kids use it for a variety of things: play restaurant, draw/color, board games, and even  an occasional snack. I figured why not add one more purpose to this little baby.

So I went out and bought 4 of these little plastic drawer units (Target),

added a little random adhesive velcro I had on hand

and stuck placed them on the lower shelf in all four corners.

The drawers are a perfect size for the amount of legos we have and allowed me to sort them into colors. (I figured color would be the easiest for the kids to keep organized.)

I also bought a couple Trofast bins (Ikea) to use in between the drawers. One holds the larger, Duplo legos for my younger princess

While the other holds lego manuals and finished or works in progress.

And guess what? They fit almost perfectly between the drawers and my kids can work at the same time (across from each other).
 I added a few labels and the girls are set to build away!

In case you would like some similar labels you may download mine here for free. I simply printed them on regular paper and used packaging tape to attach them to the drawers.

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  1. We made a Lego storage table out of some of those bins and an interior wooden door we got at the ReStore. It's worked out great! Your system looks very efficient.

    1. Sounds awesome Daisy! I love seeing how many ways a problem can be solved! If you have a picture to share, I'd love to see it! Have a great day!

  2. Such a great idea! My son received the Lego Table as a Christmas gift a few years ago when he was 5. He's 10 now and even though he's outgrown it a bit it still gets some serious use. I love your idea of making your own! I might have to forward this post to my sister who is looking to a cheaper alternative to the actual Lego Table!

    1. Thanks Laurie! This is definitely a more cost effective alternative. Those lego tables are pretty cool too though. :) Happy Friday!

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