Monday, December 16, 2013

{Easily} Organize your Christmas Shopping

Time is a ticking and Christmas is right around the corner. Can you hear the clock ticking? I can. I'm almost done with my shopping--just a few more gifts to get and I'll be dunzo.

Well, I just so happened to be shopping with a friend about this time last year and I noticed her Christmas list. So simple, yet so Smart at the same time! So I asked her if I could share it. And not only did she say yes, but she sent me a copy of hers this year as well! (Thanks Darci!)

She uses both sides of a plain sheet of paper. 
We can all find one of those, right?

Here is side 1: 

She created a form of a tree map and breaks up gifts for friends, coworkers, and  family members by price. You could also break it up by store/where to buy. She also includes dates for if/when things need to be shipped. She is a girl after my own heart. (Can you tell she's a teacher?)

Onto side 2:

This is where she creates her kids' list(s). She says it helps to write it out this way to make sure both kiddos are receiving the same number of gifts. You could also include a price to keep track of budget as well.

Cool right? Simple but SMART!
and it gets even better.

She then slips the list into a clear page protector along with a highlighter (again, easy to find) and any coupons to stores she plans to shop. The clear page protector allows her to see both sides of the list while the highlighter is for marking off the gifts she has already purchased.

I love that it's all in 1 cozy little spot so you won't miss a thing. Easy enough to toss in your purse or front seat of your car to take along with you as you shop. 

Happy shopping!

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