Thursday, December 5, 2013

Simple But Fun Way to Display Those Holiday Cards

Hi all. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. We've been working on getting our Christmas decorations (and lights) up and making the house oh so festive. And because I can't leave well enough alone, I thought I'd share a quick little way I came up with to display our Christmas cards this year. You know I like to change things up. (I have been known to clip them to garland going up the stairs or stringing them across a window sill.)

This year I decided to create a fun display on our pantry doors.

And all it took were some tiny clear Command Hooks (that come off without leaving a mark), some green yarn or twine, and some clothespins.

To do this I simply stuck the hooks to my pantry doors a little at a time in the shape of guessed it....Christmas tree!

String the yarn from hook to hook,

until the shape was created.

Notice that I strung each door independently. We do want to eat this month and that means we have to be able to open these doors. :)

Here she be all complete.

I added some clips and we're ready for those cards to start arriving!

How do you like to display your cards? I'd love to hear!

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