Thursday, December 12, 2013

Where to Hide Those Christmas Gifts (and 2 more holiday tips)!

Do any of you with kids struggle with knowing where to hide those Christmas gifts until the big day? As my kids get older they are starting to be so much more excited (Aka: NOSEY). Now they aren't at that age where they have started snooping around--they are still very much believers of Santa and don't even think I have something to hide. So I'm not sure if this would work for older kiddos or not. But for now, I have found the perfect spot for keeping gifts until they are presented under the tree.

Where you ask?

The Christmas tree box of course! 

One other stipulation--you have to have an artificial tree since the last time I checked, real trees don't come in boxes. 

I say of course because what other large empty box do you have accessible during the month of December? And because it was already out, the kids don't think anything of it! Am I right?

I mentioned in an earlier post that I tend to do a lot of my Christmas shopping online. So when the packages come, I take out the contents and mark each gift with a colored sticky note to indicate who the gift is for. (I shared more about my sticky labeling in this post as well.)

Than I simply put the gifts inside along with any rolls of wrapping paper that I plan to use (and don't want my little angels seeing as well). Then (typically Christmas Eve night), we simply bring out the box and hubs and my pops begin assembling anything needing assembly, and my mom and I wrap what is left.

Here are a couple of other quick tips that have saved me some sanity during this busy time of year:

Tip # 1:

 Save those receipts! As I purchase gifts at a store or receive something I ordered online, I make sure to keep the receipts/shipping records all together in a file folder.  

I then store it in my personal pocket of our command center (so that I don't lose the folder! It happens people). This has seriously helped me keep track of everything. And yes--I have had to use receipts for returns or damaged merchandise in Christmases past. Such a simple idea but it really, REALLY helps.

Tip # 2: 

Use one type of wrapping paper per child/family member and yet another different one for joint gifts. That way you don't have to label each gift-- as you know just by looking. It also gives you a visual to make sure the amount of gifts is somewhat equal as well. You know how that goes.

This is something my mom always did and I have since adopted. 
Thanks mom! (I know you're reading this. :))

Time for you to share your secrets! Pretty please!

Where do you hide your gifts? I'd love to hear!!!

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  1. I'm currently hiding all the gifts in my master closet but it's getting crowded in there. They are mostly wrapped or hidden so the kids don't know what they are. I've never thought about using the Christmas tree box, but it's such a great idea, one of those, why didn't I think of that before moments. Thanks so much for sharing. I will certainly have to do that next year.

    1. Thanks Christa! My master closet is also a hiding spot for things at times. I just don't have enough room to hide Christmas in there.

  2. At our house my mother would have like 6 tote bins in her closet she would use for purses, sweaters, and out of season clothes and accessories. She would put the gifts in the bottom of the totes in plastic bags so we couldn't see. We also weren't allowed in her room which helped alot with 6kids in the house. She woukd never put names or initials on the gifts we were far too curious and sneaky for her to do so. She would put codes or other letters assigned to each of us. She was quite the gift ninja.



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