Thursday, January 23, 2014

Command Center Inspiration

Hi friends! The other day I promised to start discussing the importance of a Command Center in your home as a means to house much of the paper that flows through our homes on a daily basis. So today, I decided to find a bunch (8 to be exact) of inspiring ideas to hopefully give you some ideas. 

As you can see, they don't all have their differences but they have one main component in common: they help to give all that paper a home--along with some other things we will be discussing next week.

I included a link below each picture to take you to the original post if you want more info. 

This one might look familiar. It is our command center front and center on a tall kitchen wall. Although it has had some changes made to it since it was first created, it's basic function remains the same. It truly is the hub of our home and I'm not sure where I'd be without it. Kind of keeps us all on the same page. Oh and I've recently made a few more additions/changes (again) that I plan to share next week as well.

This is a command center that I helped a friend design for her kitchen. As you can see it is similar to mine but with a few adjustments. Just goes to show you can tailor it to fit the decor/needs of your home and family.

I found this on Pinterest and liked it because of the cubbies to hold larger, bulkier items. Love those Expedits!

I also love Hilda's version in that she gives a place for backpacks, lunch boxes, and files for all of her kiddos' school work she wants to keep.

Another great idea found again on Pinterest. Loving this idea because not everyone has a wall to spare and this doesn't take up much room and is portable as well. Complete with a calendar in front and you pretty much have everything you need right in one tidy little spot!

Another great idea for those of us who don't have a wall to use. Seeing that that paper tends to typically travel and land in the kitchen, why not use a kitchen cabinet to hold and store it all?

Here's another example. I loved the bright cheery color. I so truly believe that when something looks nice and makes you smile, you are so much more likely to keep it that way. And the best part? Close it up when finished and it is like it isn't even there.

Last but not least was another Pinterest find (here). Again in the kitchen. This time utilizing the magnetic side of the fridge (again concealed) to hold important schedules and paperwork. Add a charging station, some baskets, and bulletin board and you've got a great command center.

As you may have noticed, I found quite a few ideas via Pinterest. Have I mentioned I LOVE Pinterest? If you are looking for endless ideas and inspiration, please follow my Command Center page here or all of my pins here

Okay, hopefully I have you inspired. If you already have a command center, I'd love to see or hear how and where you set it up. If not, maybe you can let some of these ideas simmer a bit. 

If you are interested in setting up your own command center but just not quite sure where to start, go here to learn how.

Have a super weekend!

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  1. Thanks for including my command centre Susan! It's been a lifesaver in keeping all our paperwork under control. Looking forward to your ideas next week to see if I should tweak anything :)

    1. You are welcome Hilda! I love the idea of having a convenient place to store all the kids' school papers that I want to keep. Still working on finding a place for that myself!

  2. A lightbulb moment for me in figuring out where to put some of the papers that come home is a section in my kid's school binder (we have an old magazine rack as part of our command center) is to create a 'save for now' section. Our paperwork always got jumbled when it didn't need to get turned in right away, but couldn't get filed away either. Such a simple discovery, buy it really helps us sort papers better so I can find what I need.



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