Sunday, January 12, 2014

Diving Into Our January Checklist {Links and Landing Page}

Last week I shared my monthly organizing checklists I have made for the entire year. I also shared that you can get your own copies just by signing up to my posts by email. 

Well, today, I wanted to dive into January a bit more by giving you some links to past posts relating to what is on the checklist. I also wanted to create a sort of landing page to our home project challenges for this month 
(you'll see what I mean in a second.)

We often talk about making resolutions or goals in the month of January because the idea of starting a new year also makes us think of starting with a clean slate.

You can find posts relating to goal setting with:

As far as storing all of your Christmas decor you can find posts like:

If you are working on organizing those photos and creating photo books with last year's photos go to these posts for some tips and ideas:

Hopefully 2014 has started off with a bang for all of you. My thought with creating these monthly checklists was to not only serve as reminders but to also push us to organize an area or two in our homes each month as well. That being said I thought January was the perfect time to sort of set the scene for the rest of the year and help establish some systems to help the rest of the year's projects flow a little more smoothly. I will be posting about each of these three projects (as well as lots of printables) throughout the rest of the month (starting in a day or two):

Creating/Organizing a Home Management Binder

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