Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Home Project Binder {Printable}

Can anyone please tell me how it is the middle of January already? My goodness this month is flying by. Well, if you are just tuning in, I recently posted my Monthly Organizing Checklists where I told you that each month there is going to be (at least) 1 home project challenge. And because that means there will be 15 or more projects/challenges throughout the year, this one is the perfect place to start.

Meet the Home Project Binder.

This is a place to store everything related to your home (or business) projects you are working on--whether they are merely in the dream phase, planning, or the project is in full swing.

What do you need?

A binder 

(I used a 2 inch binder but size depends on your personal needs.)


(preferably with pockets) 
to divide your binder by room, project, whatever works for you.

These are to house ideas, and inspiration (Pinterest is also great for this.)

as well as receipts, measurements, paint chips...the list goes on. You can also take the particular folder you need with you when shopping for/working on that particular project.

Project Tracker

which is to write down everything you may ever want to work on in a particular space.  (Use pencil because this can often change.) It also has a space to write down the length of time each project will take as well as cost. This is really valuable when deciding on what project(s) to take on next. Some you can get done in an hour or two while others make take a week or more. And obviously some projects take some time to save up for vs some that require no purchasing but rather materials you already have on hand.

I just added this Project Tracker as well as a fun Cover and Binder Seam to my shop (here)! For $2.50 you can print off as many Project Trackers as you do spaces (and then some).

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