Sunday, January 5, 2014

Year Long Planning {Printable}

Hi there everyone! Sorry if I've been a little sporadic lately. The kids were on a two week vacation for Christmas and New Years and we are finally going back to school today. It's so funny because when I used to teach, I remember  parents complain telling me how long the breaks seemed (I taught at a year round school). Now I have a better understanding of where they were coming from. Don't get me wrong, love my kids, love spending time with them. But let's be honest....too much of anything can be a challenge. My girls have a sort of love hate relationship thing going on and I'm kind of just over the arguing. A little distance is good...for everyone.

Anywho! Now that I got that off my chest, let's move forward shall we? A new year to me means new goals projects of course! 

If you are a resolution maker, you may like my 2014 goal sheet here. (And one for the kiddos here.) Here's the thing with goals though: If they aren't broken up into manageable, realistic chunks, they are virtually impossible to achieve. 

When planning, I like to start out with what a call a "brain dump" sheet/notebook or Master to do list. This is where I just unload everything that I can think of that I am (eventually) wanting to get to or achieve. I make several of these because ideas come to me at different times throughout the day and night. For example, I keep lists on my bedside table, desk, and even my car. 

Once I have my master list(s) I then like to take what's written down and divide it up into monthly goals. This isn't super detailed---yet. However, it helps me to know that I'm only focusing on certain tasks at a time. (I posted a two page year plan here). This year I tweaked it a bit and made it all on one page.

And guess what? 

You can download your own right here

So go ahead and start mapping out the year ahead. Use it in whatever way works best for you. Maybe it is large house or craft projects. Maybe it's for work. Maybe it's a cleaning organizer. Or better yet...a combination of all of the above. Use pencil because things have a tendency to change. This does not have to be set in stone. Later this week I will show you how I take this list a step further.

Happy planning!

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  1. It's a great idea to divide goals between the months. Otherwise we tend to feel overwhelmed. Best wishes on completing your goals!

    1. Thanks Daisy! I know I have to have a plan or I am all over the place. Hope it can help others feel a little more focused as well!



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