Monday, February 10, 2014

Craft Area Pt.2: Pegboard for Super Storage

February is the month of love, which is why I'm devoting it to spaces that I love: including my little craft space. And while the space itself isn't huge, it is beginning to pack a lot of punch in the form of storage. 
(To see the basic set up go to this post here.)

The other day I shared my large table that we skirted for storage underneath as well as the cubbies we hung above guessed it...more storage. Today I wanted to share the pegboard that is hanging in between the two. 

A while back I shared these little Smart Jars that were sent to me to try out. As you can see, I've used them for all those little crafting "thingamabobs" and I have to say that I love them. So easy to use and it keeps everything up 
and out of the way. And they're kind of cute!

The latest addition is this little washi tape dispenser I found at Michaels over the weekend. I had actually been looking on Pinterest and about to create something similar on my own until I found it was already done for me. Score.

Added a little tape and some vinyl and called it done.

Now I have a little spot devoted to my growing collection of tape. I love this because a) it is portable. b) you can simply cut the tape without scissors. c) you can add more of these little holders to the top as/if you need.

Back to my pegboard.

As you can see the left side is devoted to my cutting tools. I just like being able to see what I have while keeping them out of the way.

Little storage cups hold more scissors, adhesives, and writing tools.

And here is is all put together.

Like I said, not a huge space but I already have a lot of my craft supplies 
contained and on display and ready to use.

Stay tuned while for a few more projects before I reveal the space as a whole.

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