Daily To Do Lists and Folders (& a free printable)

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I know that it is actually February now and should be onto our newest challenge but I’ve been a bit behind this week so I need to finish up a few posts. I’ve been sharing some ideas and inspiration on creating your own command center here and here. Today I thought I’d share mine (again) as well as the latest changes I have made (again).
I swear, nothing is safe around here. 🙂
If you haven’t seen how I set up our command center you can catch up a bit here. It has changed a bit here and there but the general idea
and set up has remained the same.

One of the latest changes has been to what I am now displaying on the bulletin board up top. This particular wall is very tall and therefore the board is hung a little high as well (at least for a shorty like me). So, the ribbon along the bottom is to clip things that change frequently such as photos and invitations.  The top portion is for things that I don’t need to change that often but need to reference quite a bit. The bottom portion is for those random inspirational things I get from time to time – things like good questions to ask a girl (for my kid) and 21 ways to cook cake…

So I decided to pick up a few picture mats from Hobby Lobby
to help display them a little better.
I then simply hot glued a clothespin to each
and tacked them to the board.
Now I can easily display my monthly checklists, cleaning checklist (coming soon), and birthday reminder sheet.

Now I’ve shown you my modified version of a tickler file here

but I recently added a “To DO” section as well.

In this wall file I have a file folder for each day of the week.


Well, I created a to do list for each day that I copied a bunch of times and clipped to each folder. (I also found a motivational quote for each folder because I’m cheesy and (confession) I need a little push sometimes to keep moving forward.)

Each day’s to do list is slightly different. I made them to include things that I have to do each day (so I don’t have to write them down each day). For example, my youngest goes to preschool three days a week so I have a chunk of time on those days to get some work done.
On the other days, I plan things I can do while my little tagalong is with me. 🙂


I thought this would be a great way to keep everything together for a particular day. For example, Tuesdays are when I plan most of my errand running. So in that folder, I might include my grocery list and any receipts for things that need to be returned, etc. Thursdays are when I pay bills and make appointments so I may include bills and notes for anything else I need to do. It just helps me to keep all of my daily to do’s in order.
I created a more general one because for anyone who’s interested. I know no one’s day looks quite the same. I also left a space on the side for notes as well as a space to reflect on the day and hopefully make improvements each day forward. This is something that helps for me.
Feel free to download your own free copy here.
Isn’t this the truth??

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