{Achieving} A Dog Walking Station

Spring is finally in the air here in Colorado. (I’m hoping our last snow is behind us anyway.) And that gets us all in the mood to be out side…..including the dogs!
I’ve shown you our sort of mudroom hallway where the kids get their coats and backpacks and display their masterpieces here and here. But I haven’t shown you the other side–a little spot dedicated to our furry family members as well.

I’ve had this shelf for so long I’m not even sure where I got it. But it has become the perfect spot for our two dogs, Miles (golden on the left) and Charlie (lab in the middle). {Our other buddy Max passed away a few years ago but he forever remains a part of our hearts and family.} There is a little ledge on top which holds my favorite photos of our four legged pooches. Love that it looks like Miles is smiling. 🙂
The hooks are also a perfect spot for leashes and collars.

And the drawer….well….for lack of a better word, holds…..poop bags! Because you don’t want to leave a little surprise in your neighbor’s yard you know. (These are actually intended for diapers but they are great for this as well.)
It’s all kept together close to the door for an easy grab and go before heading on a little w-a-l-k. (We have to spell out the word before going so that little furry ears don’t hear and get overly excited.) Gotta love dogs! 🙂

Oh, and incase you missed this from my laundry room post a while back, we have a drawer designated to all things “dog” as well. Check out more of that here!



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