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Organizing my Kids’ Dressers

Yesterday I showed how I changed over and organized the girls’ closets for fall. (See that post here.)

Today I wanted to focus more on their drawers.
And because my younger daughter only has 1 small dresser, I wanted to show you how I  created more “drawer space” in her closet.

I mentioned in (yesterday’s post) that I decided to hang all of her shirts.
I then rolled up her leggings and sweat pants and tucked them neatly inside these bins.
This actually makes it much easier to see everything all at once and is very easy to maintain. {Score.}
So then I was left with Jeans/Cords, Undies, and PJs–all of which would fit into her three-drawered dresser. Pretty self-explanatory–except I did come up with a little trick to help keep her PJs semi-organized and allowing my two year old to pick them out herself. (We are at the age where she wants to do everything herself so I’m trying not to fight it as much as I can.)
I found a piece of foam board and cut it (not very neatly obviously) to the width of her PJ drawer.
I then covered it with the same wrapping paper that I used to line the drawers.
I then simply shimmied it down the middle of the drawer and added some chalkboard labels.
Now it was ready to put tops in on one side and the bottoms on the other. The best part about this is my little one can pick and pull her jammies all she wants and I’m not going to make a fuss. Some battles are just not worth having. As long as they aren’t on the floor, I am happy.
Onto my oldest…
Her dresser drawers were already black. But I decided to take them out and give all the fronts a quick couple of coats of chalkboard paint. (If you have been following along here at all, you are probably aware–I love that stuff!!)
I used the same wrapping paper as Lil’ Sis to line the drawers (just makes for a fun surprise when you open the drawer–don’t you think?).
And I am now able to label to my heart’s content. (I didn’t even mean to rhyme there. Cool eh?)
The best part is that everyone knows where things go–including hubs. Hear that honey? 🙂
Well, along with making the drawers a little prettier and more functional on the outside, I decided to rethink the inside a little as well. First I switched things around a bit, putting shorts up in a high drawer (because we have enough drawers and there is an occasional warm day where they may be needed) and pants and long sleeve shirts down low where my soon to-be-five-year-old can reach them. I used to roll her shirts and while I like this better than just stacking them on top of each other, I was running out of room. So, I decided to fold and stack them horizontally.

This makes it so much easier to see what she has and we still have plenty of room to add to if needed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I made some easy, fun closet dividers…..

Organized Pantry

For some reason I didn’t take any before pictures of the pantry. Probably because I was too excited to start taking it apart. Let me set the scene for you. We moved in a year ago in June and inherited a very nice sized pantry–one of the selling points for me actually. And although it was a great size and there was nothing terribly wrong with it, it was a dingy white that needed a refresher coat of paint and just kind of became a catch all for all of our food and kitchen products. There was no real organization to it and it just wasn’t pretty.  So let the purge begin.
 First step of organizing any space is to take everything out and get rid of anything you don’t use. There was quite a bit hiding in the pantry that I wasn’t even aware of. So out they went.
 The pantry got swept and scrubbed and a fresh coat of “You are my Sunshine” paint by Benjamin Moore. (The name is probably what sold me. Who doesn’t want to open a door of sunshine every morning?)
 I almost hated going any further.

 I ran across some wrapping paper on clearance at Michaels and knew that would be my inspiration and color scheme. My kitchen is already red and white so the colors went well and the cupcakes…just too cute.

 I was originally going to alternate the two papers but realized it was a little too busy for my liking. So I decided to use the red and white paper on the shelves and alternate with the yellow shelves.

 I went round and round about how to adhere the paper to the wall and finally just decided to mod podge it on. I wanted it to stay put and the mod podge kind of put a sealer on it that let me wipe it down if needed.

 Here is the final pantry once it was all put back and containerized. See my juice extractor (these are the ones that don’t use blades but instead use gears to slowly crush and extract juice from fruits)and other electric kitchen items over to the right.

 I found this scrapbook paper that looked like little chalkboards. I snatched up a bunch and used them to label different areas of the pantry. I also had a few old plates and plate hangers and decided to add a few at the top. Why not?
 I bought a bunch of containers from Ikea to hold all of my staples.

 This idea I found from Pinterest. I have a bin for Monday through Thursday. So when I plan out my meals for the week, I place the dry ingredients for that night’s dinner. It makes it so easy to grab a bin and take it to the counter when I prepare my meals. I only included Monday through Thursday because those seem to be the main days I cook. Friday is usually pizza and the weekend we are either out or eat leftovers.

 This pic is a little dark but it is my cleaning section. It holds my brooms and mops as well as plastic bags and a bin for recycling.
 I have baskets on the bottom shelf for my kiddos. I try and package individual snacks when I get home from the grocery store so that they can get what they need when they are hungry for a snack.

 The corners of my pantry may just be my favorite part. I found these Lazy Susans at, again, Ikea. The base was quite a bit smaller than the actual carousel which made them fit perfectly on my shelves. Perfect for canned goods and such a space saver.

 I divided each into fruits, veggies, dressings and sauces, and beans and soups.
 On one door is my grocery list and a menu for me to reference.

 The other door is for coupons that need to be cut and restaurant menus.

 One big complaint that I had was the my pantry had no light. Because we didn’t want to take on wiring a light inside, we found a battery powered one at Home Depot and hung it by screws to the left of the door. It actually does put out a fair amount of light.

 Here’s a few more shots.

I found this sign at World Market and couldn’t resist. It was the perfect sign for the outside of the pantry. Kind of love the message too. 🙂