Basement Playroom–and a little spot for mom.

The last area of our basement playroom is the kids’ art computer table. This was a leftover table and computer from their Daddy’s work so it isn’t real pretty. I have some ideas for it…one of these days.

Next to it as you can kind of see is my treadmill (which is often used as a blanket holder.) A friend of mine convinced me to start running again so I decided I needed to help entice myself to use the treadmill a bit. 1st was to keep it open and easily accessible (I just make sure the key to turn it on is somewhere else. Not the type of toy for curious little girls.) 2nd was to face the Tv because I have to try and distract myself from the fact that I’m running and going no where. 🙂 Lastly was a quick and inexpensive project we put together last night.

I went to Lowes and bought a 10′ (the smallest size they had) plastic gutter for less than $6. I went ahead and got 4 end caps too—just in case. ***Note–if you buy these make sure you are getting right and left caps because there is a different. I made that mistake and had to go back and exchange.

 I had hubs cut me 1 3ft piece and 1 9ft piece (for another project–for another day.)

 Then we just screwed in a few screws (into studs if possible) and wala!

Motivating magazines at my disposal.

We also contacted foundation repair auburn to repair our floor that has a crack.


Today’s Daily Tip: Using everyday ordinary things for extraordinary purposes. I’ve mentioned it before but it is so true. There are so many different uses for things and with a little imagination you can create something totally cool and functional.


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