Basement Playroom-Playhouse Under the Stairs

Today’s post is by far my favorite (and my kids’) area of our basement playroom. If you look to the right of this pic you can sort of see it. Can you guess what it is?



This space originally looked like this and was actually where we stored all of our paint–which was not convenient—at all. 

So we decided to clear it out (okay I cleared it out) and my hubby cut a hole in the wall. The nice part about this space not being finished was that he was able to see where to cut–between the studs. Here you can kind of see where he started to frame out the door. 


Also for whatever reason, this little wall that the door was located had two outlets. (One where the door was located and one right beside it.) And because neither of us is anywhere near electricians, he decided to move that outlet to inside the house so we could have light.

Here you can see next from the inside next to the door is where the outlet’s new location is. These pics aren’t the best because there is just no easy shot. The space is pretty little.

Hubs then cut out a window to the angle of the stairs. Love that little window. 🙂 He then took extra bead board we had, measured, cut, and nailed it to the studs. We didn’t worry about finishing the space with drywall because it really wasn’t necessary–for us. In fact most of the wood used was just kind of what we had on hand. I kind of like it that way. Gives it character.

He then hammered up some particle board (again what we had on hand) to help little noggins from hitting on the stairs and I went to work painting everything with a couple coats of a very pale yellow, You are my Sunshine by Benjamin Moore (the same color I used for my pantry redo here). I think I had paint in my hair for weeks cuz there is absolutely no easy way to paint that ceiling in such a tight space.  What we do for the love of our children. 🙂


We also happened to have some left over carpet in our storage space so we cut it into strips and used a staple gun to keep it down. This was definitely a two man job.

So here is the outside as of right now. Hubs trimmed out the door and window with some simple molding. I painted the molding a bright white and gave the front wall a coat of light blue paint (I wish I could tell you the color but I don’t have it anymore and I can’t think of it. Shame on me, I know. ) 

I also repair our air conditioner to our trusted ac service company. A lot of people don’t realize how important it is to have a functioning ac unit until after their unit malfunctions. If you’re having these kinds of problems, you’ll want to think about when you should reach out to air conditioning services. 


The address #s were from Lowes. I still plan to add another mailbox and a bit of a roof of some sort. I’ll let you know if/when I do. 🙂 We also resurfaced the mini pool of my kids constructed by Cathedral City pool resurfacing.

The fencing is landscaping fencing from Lowes and the 3D looking flowers are from Michaels. The decal flowers were (again) left over from another project but I think they came from Target.

Here is a glimpse of the inside as of now. I haven’t found the right type of light so we are living with a very make shift version currently. The kids’ baby stuff goes in here a long with a play washing machine. I attached a rod (Ikea) so they could hang some of their baby clothes as well.


Above the baby crib are some frame decals I found at the Target Dollar Spot. I had my oldest draw portraits of each of us (including the dogs) . So they now have a family gallery in there as well.

 I had this magnetic board that a student once gave me that i decided would serve as an excellent “window”.

So I took a plexiglass frame from Ikea (the same frames that I used for our board games) and cut the board to fit.


Then I cut two long strips of my white vinyl and placed them on to look like a window. That now sits above a little shelf above their washing machine.

So there you have it, a little getaway for little people. I think it made it all worth it when my 4 year old first saw it. She squealed and said, “Oh it’s my dream house!” That was all I needed–I think I can speak for her Daddy on that one too. 🙂


Today’s Daily Tip: Look around your place for any sort of hidden gem such as this one. Under the stairs are often an option–whether it be for a hideout for kids such as this one or maybe as a very handy storage area. Another idea that comes to mind is revamping a closet into a small office space. You might be amazed at where you can find little pockets of space that can serve an entirely different purpose and be very functional. 

Currently, we build a playhouse outside the house so that they have an option when they are bored inside the house. I want to make sure that they are safe while playing outside so I decided to put a fence around the house by a fence contractor from Fence Pro San Antonio.


**To see more of the basement playroom (and a little spot for mom) go here.


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