Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Bead Board

Let me sort of fill you in on what we started with. The red came with the house. And although I love warm colors and often lead towards red, there was just a lot of wood going on as well and something just wasn’t jivin’.

 So we started with the eat-in nook of our kitchen and this beat up pony wall.
(Don’t you just love all the little surprises kids leave around the house? Just keepin’ it real peeps. Just keepin’ it real. 🙂

 So we added a crisp white beadboard.

 It really brightened up that space tremendously. I wish I had taken more pictures because before the beadboard there was really dated wood laminated that faced the L-shaped peninsula. The beadboard was such a huge improvement that I would often find myself just standing in that little eat-in area and just stare. Do you ever do that?

 Although it brightened that area up, it really made the rest of the cabinets stand out even more. Something about the red with the wood floors and cabinets was just WAY too much. Another thing that bugged me was the lone ranger cabinet to the left of the window (along with the crackdown the wall). It just felt out of place.


 So the cabinets got a fresh coat (or five) of white paint to match the beadboard.


And we replaced the lonely cabinet for some floating shelves from Ikea and I’m so glad we did. It not only gives storage, but it fits the wall so much better and just updates the space. We sort of use it for our breakfast area with my husband’s coffee/mugs, syrup, etc.

 I love how the white totally brightened everything up. However, it made it that much more evidence that we need new appliances–and eventually counters and backsplash. Keyword: EVENTUALLY.

We also decided to install a grease trap to our kitchen. It installed by grease trap service.


Our bricks need to be fixed so we called a reliable brick service to repair it.  


Here’s a view of the table area with the finished beadboard. My dad built the farmhouse table for me/us for Christmas. I love it. (Maybe I can one day get him to give a tutorial on how he built it {wink}.) He also helped me recover the cornice boards above the windows and sliding door, which I think helps tie the room(s) together. I’m much happier with the red now that there is so much white to brighten everything up. 

We also replaced our roofs that have leaks. Finding the best roofing service in town isn’t easy. With hundreds of roofers, choosing the best one is a daunting task. There are many things to look for when choosing the right roofer for the project. The reputation, expertise, customer feedback, license, and insurance are essential factors to look for when choosing the best roofer in town.

Our roof plays an important part in protecting our loved ones and belongings from the elements. They said that the average homeowner replaces the roof only once or twice during his lifetime. We need the best roofing service in town to attend to such an important task.

 Daily Tip of the Day: We typically try and take on most of these projects around the house ourselves (painting, tiling, etc.). However, we decided to look into having (and hire) someone come in and paints our cabinets for us. We probably could have done it ourselves but we were actually able to get it all painted for a very reasonable price. Plus 1: we wanted it to look professional, and 2: we wanted it done somewhat quickly. It is our kitchen and to be out of there for three weeks or more (the time it would have taken us to do it ourselves) would have been more trouble (for us) than it was worth. So, when deciding what types of projects are in the budget, what types of projects you can do yourselves, and what ones to hire out, keep those things in mind. You may be surprised at what your sanity is worth. 🙂


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