Homework Supplies

Although my kiddos are only in preschool, and we don’t technically have “homework” yet, I recently created a spot for their writing and art supplies to be stored and easily accessed for projects we do at home.

A while back, I found this “thing” at a thrift store. When I first saw it, I had no idea what it was used for (still don’t) but for whatever reason it caught my eye and I knew I could make it into something useful. A price tag of $2.00 couldn’t be beat either.


Because it originally had some sort of slick top coat, a good sanding was in order.

Then I gave it a quick, light coat of black spray paint. It wasn’t staying black so I wasn’t concerned about full coverage. I don’t seem to have pictures of the next couple of steps so try and use your imagination. My dad helped cut (and nail) a piece of scrap wood to fit the length of the piece. It was just wide enough to cover the flat edges of the dividers.



Using my Silhouette, I cut out numbers to use as stencils. I stuck them on over the black paint and gave the entire thing a couple of coats of white spray paint. When that dried I peeled away the numbers and gave the entire thing a little sanding to give it an aged feel. We hung it on the wall with picture hangers and now it was the perfect little coloring book and paper holder for my kids.


To make this more of a one stop shop, I decided to hang buckets (from the Container Store).  by removable Command hooks and fill the buckets with any supplies they may need. I liked these because they had lids (although we rarely use them as you can see.) The best thing about this is that everything is hung to the kids’ height and can be removed and taken wherever they may need.


You may remember this from our home tour. Right now we have this set up as a  little art center in our family room. However I am envisioning some sort of homework desk/station as the kids get a little older. And if not, it is very simple for the kids to get what they need and bring it to the dining table where we currently work on projects too.


Daily Tip/Thought: I know I sort of lucked out by finding most of this already constructed but I’m thinking this could be fairly easy to replicate using wooden shelving brackets or corbels similar to this one found at Lowes. 




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