Photo Organizing -Pt 1 Organizing Digital Photos on your Computer

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SO, I thought it would be great to devote this WHOLE WEEK to organizing your photos. Here is the agenda for the week:



Organizing digital photos from your camera to your computer using some sort of photo software. I will be using iphoto but there are tons of other options available.      



Backing up your photos from your computer, why it’s so important, and how/where to store your back up.



Organizing loose photos and photo packages.



Creating gallery walls and displays for those special photos.



Creating and displaying photo books and A GIVEAWAY!!!! (Giveaway now closed)


So, please join in this week I discuss all about how I organize my photos. I would love to hear  how you like to organize yours as well. So please feel free to drop me a comment if you’d like to share.



A couple of years ago I switched from a PC to a Mac. And with that I had to switch photo programs. It was a little learning at first but the concept was the same. Below is a screen shot of my albums on iphoto. 


Because I blog and use my pictures frequently, I am often uploading my photos from my camera to my computer. However, I would suggest at least trying to upload your photos once a month to make it easier to manage and keep up with. 


Once I upload my photos I put them into albums. My kids and family are just placed into monthly albums. I make sure I title it with the month and the year. I often will include something significant from the photos that month as well (For example: January 2012–Teah starts preschool). This lets me know at a quick glance where I can find these significant events-rather than just remembering the date. You can also choose which photo to be the cover of the album. This can help jog your memory as well.



As you can see, the first album is titled 2011 Kids and Family. This is where allof our Kids and Family photos of 2011 are stored. Once 2012 began I “merged” all of my monthly albums into one large 2011 album so that I could focus on this years’ photos. That way I still have access to them but they aren’t taking up a bunch of room in my library.


If you click on the album you can see every picture in that file. This is where “keywords” come in super handy.


Keywords are labels you can put on your pictures that allow you to categorize your photos into various groups.

 This makes it very easy to find specific pictures in your large grouping. As you can see in the screen shot below, I typed in “Grandma and Grandpa” in the search box at the bottom of the screen. All the pictures that had the label “Grandma and Grandpa” within the 2011 album pop up. 



Besides family photos, I also keep a lot of house projects, client spaces, and other blogging photos. This is done similarly to the kids’ pics except that instead of placing them into albums by month/date, I group my albums by name of project. For example: the album titled “Laundry Room” is where I upload and drag all of my pics having to do with the laundry room overhaul (coming soon…promise! 🙂

I also have an album titled “Already Blogged About” where I can drag the projects I have already shown (that I don’t think I’ll need to access -at least very much). This just helps me to consolidate and give me more room in my library.



So that is how I organize my digital photos from my camera to my computer. Like I mentioned earlier, there are a number of different photo programs that have there differences but have a similar concept. Most computers have some sort of program built in and when you plug in your camera or stick in your memory card, it automatically pops up.
I in no way claim to be an expert on this software (or any for that matter) so if there is something you think I am missing, please let me know. This is just what I have found to work best for me. I do suggest if you haven’t already, to get to know your photo software a little and try uploading your photos at least every month or quarter. It is very easy to let your photos just sit on your camera and then it becomes a lot more daunting a task. Just take it a little at a time. The more you do it, the more you will get to know your software and the easier it will become.

Later this week you will see a little more of why I create the albums as I do.


As for tomorrow, I won’t be so technical-promise.  I will show you what you can do to back up these albums on your computer you worked to hard to create  and how to store your back up. 🙂

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