Organized Caddy for Colds

As the summer season is about to leave us, cold season is soon approaching. Once the weather begins to change a bit I always try to prepare for when that first cold or sickness hits. 


This year I decided to go a little further and create what our family calls a”Cold Caddy”. That is exactly what it is: a caddy (from Target $ Spot) that holds what is needed when a cold strikes–all in one place.


Is that not the cutest tissue box you have ever seen? They come in packages of two at the Dollar Tree. I also found the insulated cup(s) there as well. Perfect I thought for, water, OJ, or even chicken noodle soup.


The best part about them was that the kids could decorate them.

They came with cute little pictures to color (or you could create your own).

I added a few little get well messages and wa-la! The perfect cup of sunshine to add to our Cold Caddy.

Here is the girls’ caddy. I just found some cute clip art online and created my own labels

along with a fun little poem to help put a smile on their faces when their feeling under the weather.


Made one for the hubby too–cuz let’s face it…Mom really isn’t able to get sick. 🙂

(Don’t worry, if I really do get sick, I’m sure the hubs would share.)


His poem. Everybody feels better with a poem don’t they?


Put it right on the bedside table (or wherever the patient is resting) and everything is right in reach. It is also easy to take with you to another room if needed. Can you tell I’m happy with my idea? I’m almost ready for that first cold to attack. Well, not really but you get what I’m sayin’. Bring it on germs–we’re ready for ya!


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