Reader Inspired Pantry Makeover

A while ago I shared pictures of my (now) organized pantry and the process behind it all. (See that post here.)


Well, a friend and former colleague wrote and told me that post inspired her to do something with her own pantry at home. LOVE TO HEAR THAT BY THE WAY!!!


I asked if she wouldn’t mind sending me some pics of the before and after and she ever so kindly agreed. There is nothing better than a great before and after. Take a look:


 Here is the before of the “food side” (as she called it) of her walk in pantry. Look familiar? 



Here is the after. So much better right? She had found contact paper at the Dollar Store (score) and placed it between each shelf (similarly to the wrapping paper I used.) Then she used the same aqua colored paint as in her kitchen to give the room a pop of color. What a difference right?


Here is another before–this time the “storage side” as she called it.


 And the after.  She obviously got rid of a lot and then grouped and contained similar items together. Not only does this look so much neater but makes things SO much easier to find.


Best of all, she said the entire project cost less than $50! She scoured places such as the Dollar Store and the Dollar Spot at Target for containers and used her imagination a bit. That straw container was originally a pencil cup. Brilliant!


Her dinner prep containers.


 And a menu/chalkboard she moved in from the kitchen made out of chalkboard vinyl. So fun!

Plastic drawers hold dish towels, cookie cutters, and other awkward shaped items.

An inexpensive canvas bin becomes a grocery bag holder.


And last but not least, what is probably my favorite idea of hers: an over the door shoe organizer turned snack holder. What a great idea and so easy for everyone to see and access. These things can be used for so many types of items. LOVE it! 


Thanks so much, Ashley for letting me share your space. So flattered that my pantry project inspired you and I know yours will do the same for so many others.

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If anyone else is ever inspired by another project or are just proud of a space you transformed or just organized a bit, I would love to see what you have done. You can always access my email ( at the top of the blog using the “contact’ tab or Facebook me as well. I’d love to possibly share your success with others and hopefully inspire them as well.


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