Project Home Management Binder Day 7: Special Occasions

Okay, so we’re on day 7 of putting together a Home Management Binder. My first category was called “Planning Ahead” and is complete with goal making printables, to-do lists, and meal planning checklists. Today we’re finishing up the “Reference” category where I’ve included emergency info checklists, medical waiversbaby and pet sitting checklists, and now special occasions. I like to keep a master copy of all birthdays and other special occasions, such as anniversaries, in one spot for easy reference. So I created just that. Feel free to download your own below.


Download your own Special Occasion Record Sheet here.



Along with that sheet, I bought a greeting card organizer years ago that I sort of disassembled and added to my binder.



It has a pocket for each month with a little chart to jot down that month’s birthdays/occasions on. That way if I buy any cards ahead of time, I just slip them in the pocket and have them when the time comes. 



It also had an extra pocket that I use one side for “just because” and “thank you” cards and the other side for “belated birthdays” because, well, it happens people. 




I also like that it has an information sheet about horoscope signs, birthstones, and anniversary gift ideas, etc.



And I also added a little pencil pouch to hold birthday and holiday stickers incase I decide I want to jazz up the envelopes a bit. 🙂


As I mentioned earlier, I bought this particular one years ago but I found something similar here. It’s nice on its own or “modified” like mine. I just kind of thought my Home Management Binder would be the perfect place to keep it all together.


Okay, so now I’m done with my Reference Category. I’m going to try and finish up the week with my School and Holiday/Celebrations Categories and we can call her done. (For now anyway. 🙂 Whew!


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