Storing Christmas Decor and some Printable Labels

I’m continuing to work on my January checklist and of course one of those items is to take down all the Christmas decor.


I came across these Sterilite Ornament Storage cases at Walmart 

and decided to grab some.


I liked them because they each could hold twenty ornaments and keep them protected as well as stack on top of one another. 


As I put the ornaments in them, I decided I would number each box as to what order they should go on the tree. (Did I mention I may have a wee bit of OCD?)

It also helps me to know at a glance which boxes are safe for my kiddos to handle and help take on and off the tree.


On the opposite side (inside the box) I wrote down the type of ornaments that should be inside. (I’m aware this description doesn’t sound real great but I couldn’t think of any other way to describe them. 🙂


The best part about these ornament boxes is that they fit inside my larger tubs so that I could put it all together.


Another thing I like to do is create uniform labels for all of my bins. Nothing special but large enough to see when put back in storage. Just makes it easy to identify what’s in each container without having to open them up and rummage through. If you’d care to download your own, you can under each page of labels. Simply print them out (on cardstock if you have it), cut them out and tape it with packaging tape to your containers.

Download here

Download here.

Download here.

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