A “Chrysanthemum” Clock Made With….Plastic Spoons!

So I found this idea (only in yellow) on Pinterest a while back and had been dying to try it ever since.


Yep, these are the materials I needed: a $4 clock from Walmart, some plastic spoons, and some spray paint.


Oh, and some foam board that I cut into a circle. (I used a large serving plate to act as my pattern.)

I’ve been wanting a clock for my laundry room for some time now but hadn’t found the right one. So when I pinned this idea from That’s What Che Said, I knew it would be perfect. Thanks, Cheryl, for the inspiration! (I pretty much followed her instructions as well with a few minor tweaks but thought I’d show the process as well.)

After cutting the circle out of foam board I centered my clock and traced it to use it as a guide. 

I then found the important parts on the back of the clock and drew (and eventually cut out) them onto the board as well. This was so that I could eventually attach the clock, have access to the battery, and be able to hang it on the wall.

Here is my board with a coat of spray paint. You can see that I cut my holes out and then also followed along with my clock line with an Exacto knife. This was so I would know where to stop with my spoons.

I cut about 150 plastic spoons with a pair of scissors. This is a bit of trial and error as a broke quite a few at first. Once I found the right spot to cut, it was pretty easy.


I then started hot gluing the spoons along the outside of the circle first and worked my way in. I ended up using four rows of spoons.


Here are all of the spoons glued into place.

And here it is spray painted and put together. 

In case you are wondering how I attached the clock to the board, I actually used the pieces that came with the clock to attach it to its box. I just needed longer screws and it held it very securely.


And now I have my perfect clock for my laundry room.


I’m loving it. How about you??

(And if you’d like to see more about our laundry room, you can right here.) 

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