Hi friends.

This is not an easy post to write. I have been contemplating writing this for a while but have finally decided it is time. Time for me to hang up my blogging hat….for now anyway. The funny thing about blogging is that you only see what someone puts out there for you to read. You don’t always see the inner struggles that go on behind the scenes…unless they share that. Let me share a bit of mine.

I have been struggling for a while to find a balance with it all. I have always loved organizing and decorating. This will never change. But what started as a passion has become more of an obligation. Not because of what anyone has done to me but rather what I have done to myself. The truth is that the internet NEVER sleeps and there is always more to be done. It is constant. A constant reminder that someone has beat you to the punch. A constant reminder that you aren’t good enough.

I’m not writing this for some sort of pity party. I am just trying to be honest and open. There have been SO many moments that I have loved throughout this journey. I have loved hearing that I have inspired so many of you. That I love and will truly miss. I have learned so much about myself which I am grateful for. I have also met and collaborated with such inspiring women and bloggers who have taught me some invaluable lessons along the way. That’s what makes this a little bitter sweet.

I waited until today to write this because today happens to be my birthday. As each year passes, I tend to sit back and reflect on my life and what I envision for the future. This year I’m giving myself a gift. The gift of letting go.

Does this mean I won’t ever post on here again? Not necessarily. When I get inspired, it’s hard to hold me back. ? But that’s the key… It will be when I’m inspired, not just because I haven’t posted for a few days.

With all of that being said, I wanted to thank you for this amazing chapter in my life. I encourage you to sign up through email and if and when I do post again, you can check out any new happenings around here. I can promise the projects will not stop. ?

Until then,



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