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As you walk in the front door you are immediately greeted by an entryway, stairs, and Charlie (our lab :).

Off to the right is our living room. This room is honestly my biggest challenge just because I’m not exactly sure what to do with it. I like for every room in a house to serve a purpose and we just don’t use it a lot and it bugs me. I’ve thought about a  possible library/office. Just not quite sure how to pull that off yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For now, it is essentially where I pay the bills.

Keep going and you enter our dining room.

Back to the entry where you can take off your coat and shoes.

To the left is our striped hallway (See here for more on that).

It also serves as our “art gallery” and mudroom for the kids. See more about that here.

It also leads to a small half bath.

And our newly renovated laundry room. See all about that here.

Moving on…

we enter the kitchen. To see the post about the command center, see here. For more about my newly organized pantry, see here.

Love the table my dad built.

We had the cabinets painted about six months ago….and what a difference! (To read more about that go here. ) It also made it that much more evident that the white appliances will need to go (as soon as it is in the budget. ? I also have visions of new counters and backsplash. Hopefully sooner than later. I’ll make sure and keep you posted on that.

For more on the spice rack see here.

When we moved in, there was one stand-alone cabinet. It didn’t look quite right, so we removed it and put in some floating shelves. It’s a great way to not only add storage but it’s decorative as well.

Into the family room.

This is where the kids can color and be creative. The bookshelf is full of coloring books and paper, while the silver buckets hold all of their supplies. See how I made it here.

Notice our “coffee table” (also built by my dad) is actually a kid-sized picnic table. This is often where you can find the kids coloring or work on a puzzle. Love pieces that can serve multiple functions. ?

Let’s head upstairs. I have visions of staining or painting the railings much darker. Another project to stay tuned for. ?

If you haven’t noticed yet, I absolutely love photos–professionally done and candid shots done by an everyday point and shoot camera. I love walking through my home and being flooded with memories. I just think it really makes a house a home.

To the right is a hallway to three bedrooms and a bath. Still looking for that perfect mirror to finish off this hallway. I will find it one of these days.

At the end is our guest room.

You can see all about the room (including the process behind the planked wall) here.

And my guest “sign in” map here.

To the left is the little princess’s room.

We recently just tweaked it a bit. Check it out here.

That leaves Little T’s room.

Her room recently went through a transformation.

See how it has evolved here.

Girls’ bath (for more on that, see here and here.)

The cute little trolley tree also serves as a place for towel hooks.

Love the shower curtain. So bright and cheery.

To see more about this lamp see here.

Go the other direction upstairs and you will come to our bedroom. This is another room we haven’t touched since we moved in a year ago. It is a huge makeover waiting to happen–got so many ideas I can hardly wait. Another project on the list. ?

DIrectly off the bedroom is the master bath.

More projects for that as well. My mind is swimming.

I have my own closet (for another post) and Ryan has his own in the bedroom. One of the greatest things about this house is the amount of storage. Somebody was thinking.

Back down the stairs, you see our large family tree. This just makes me smile.

Let’s go down to the basement.

For more about our framed board games see here.

As you enter you see the kids play kitchen and “cafe”.

Moving on you see their “Post Office” (More on that here.)

The kids’ computer and art table. (Another project waiting to happen.)

Tissue pom poms. (More on that here.)

Here is the kids’ word wall made out of scrapbook paper and ribbon. I add new words that my 4-year-old is learning to read and write. I used to do this in my classroom and it really is a great resource for when she likes to “write” her own stories.

There is also a 3/4 bath down there as well.

Next is the kids’ stage we made from a laundry riser. See more here.

And last but certainly not least is the family’s favorite part of the playroom.

For more of a tutorial of how this playhouse came to life, see here.

So there you have it…a tour of the house as it is right now. Continue to check in on us and see how things evolve around here. We’ve lived here for two years and already made some pretty significant changes. Can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. ?


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